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7 Villains You Have To Crush When Learning to Code

The Carrying-Cost of Code: Taking Lean Seriously

Boldly refactoring complex code

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Batteriser is a $2.50 gadget that extends disposable battery life by 800 percent

Better battery life for your laptop - Google Chrome Blog


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Does Monitoring Still Suck?


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Does TDD really lead to good design?


Why the way we look at technical debt is wrong

“A reminder, here, though — technical debt is not buggy code or systems that are broken. That isn’t technical debt, and that will harm your product.”

Toward Quality Automation in the World of Continuous Everything

“Quality can not be inspected into a product or service; it must be built into it.” W. Edwards Deming

Loyalty and Longevity


Fixing Engineering’s Loyalty and Longevity Problem

Everyone can be a leader


Distributed Systems Are a UX Problem

Blocking and asynchronous operations without timeout are broken

New Performance Tools in Firefox Developer Edition 40

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What’s the deal with Windows 10 for the Non-Technical Friend - Scott Hanselman

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