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Clipboard Hijacking with HTML5

Software Development 101

Five programming problems every Software Engineer should be able to solve in less than 1 hour
Solution to Problem 5 and some other thoughts about this type of questions
Carnac the Magnificent (other solutions and thoughts on the very same question)

7 Mistakes You’re Making In Your Programming Career

Back to basics: Visual Studio tips


Do you really know why you prefer REST over RPC?

.NET Process Maximum Memory

WCF Client is Open Source

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Always-on and Wi-Fi with the latest Android Wear update

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Postgres Job Queues & Failure By MVCC

Revisiting the First Rule of Performance Optimisation: Effects of Escape Analysis

Product development

What is the mission of a software developer

“[Software developers] are interested is that how a technology or a framework works and how they can use or advance it. That is it. They care about code quality, they care about unit testing, they care about code reuse, and lots of other technical characteristics of the software, but rarely they discuss about how usable their applications are, or how efficiently they optimize a business problem their software is addressing or what business value they have delivered with the software they have built.”

Less is more

What could go wrong?

A Product Person’s Perspective on Enterprise Selling

[FR] Le fisc rechigne à révéler le code source de ses logiciels