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The bunny theory of code - Nicholas C. Zakas

The subtleties of developer commitment

Effective learning through code workshops - Box Blog

Moving from Infrastructure Automation to True DevOps

Scrum and Kanban


The Kanban paradox


AWS “Noisiness”

Developing Software for the Cloud: The DHARMA Principles
Short version in ~60 slides

Microsoft Edge

Using Chakra for Scripting Applications across Windows 10

Delivering fast JavaScript performance in Microsoft Edge


Chrome 43 - Stable Channel Update - 37 security fixes ; More than 38 000$ reward

An Extensible Approach to Browser Security Policy

The Linux 4.0 Kernel Currently Has An EXT4 Corruption Issue

MozDef: The Mozilla Defense Platform v1.9 - Mozilla Security Blog


Windows 10 will ship with Candy Crush Saga preinstalled

Go Is Unapologetically Flawed, Here’s Why We Use It

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