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Cleaning up misleading advertisements - Microsoft Malware Protection Center
Great to see Microsoft finally work on this! Maybe just a way to keep up with Google initiatives:

… and Google just release “the results of a study performed with the University of California, Berkeley and Santa Barbara that examines the ad injector ecosystem, in-depth, for the first time”: New Research: The Ad Injection Economy - Google Online Security Blog

Microsoft Edge Dev site - Platform Status

A break from the past, part 2: Saying goodbye to ActiveX, VBScript, attachEvent…

On Mozilla’s forced SSL


FIFA 2014 World Cup live stream architecture

Lessons Learned while Working on Large-Scale Server Software

“You do not understand how your system works if you do not understand how it fails.”

“Be ready to restart the entire system from a blank slate, under load.”

Next, an incredible troubleshooting and series of enhancements. Memory managment is really hard when you get into garbage collection issues and painful fragmentation:
Troubleshooting Down the Logplex Rabbit Hole


The Precious Feature Design Meetings

Getting excited about your project with a news headline from the future

Embracing failure and learning from the Imposter Syndrome

Software Development Lessons Learned from Consumer Experience


What kind of software architect are you? Strategist or tactician?

Bringing Clang to Windows - Visual C++ Team Blog

Linux and BSD Web Servers At Risk Of Sophisticated Mumblehard Infection, Says ESET