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London Railway System Passwords Exposed During TV Documentary

A Javascript-based DDoS Attack as seen by Safe Browsing - Google Online Security Blog

Defenders think in lists. Attackers think in graphs. As long as this is true, attackers win.

Quality Assurance

Code Reviews: Follow the Data

The case of the “Page can’t be displayed” intermittent selenium test

SQL Performance

Increasing slow query performance with the parallel query execution

Illustrating Primary Key models in InnoDB and their impact on disk usage


A culture that attracts quality candidates

Evolution in software development

Two hours per team


jQuery is dead

Comparing the PHP 7 and Hack Type Systems

The Long-Term Problem With Dynamically Typed Languages

“Not improving core APIs results in a kind of broken windows effect. When APIs are confusing or vague, people tend not to notice other confusing or vague APIs, and it slows everyone down in the long term.

Thus, instead of easily refactoring the legacy APIs, people think “I’ll just make a new one and migrate the code over!” And now you have two hard-to-change APIs. And then three. And the cycle continues. Additionally, this cycle is fed by architect types who know or think they know a better way to do things, but can’t be bothered to update the old systems.”

HippyVM goes to Y Combinator and fails


FizzBuzz In Too Much Detail

Solving a Tricky Problem

ES6 In Depth: An Introduction

4 Creative Ways to Test Your Code in Production

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