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On the importance of OpenSearch

Chrome DevTools: State Of The Union 2015 - Addy Osmani
Improvments in the the network panel are great (new waterfall bars, search filters, expand timeline).
Performance case study is definitively worth a read for jQuery .hide()/.show().
I’m a big fan of the FlameChart and script Blackboxing tools. Comin soon features such as Animations and Promises inspectors seem really powerfull.


Given Enough Money, All Bugs Are Shallow - Jeff Atwood

Microsoft: An Open Source Windows Is ‘Definitely Possible’ - wired.com

Java VM Options You Should Always Use in Production

Types of Data
Looks boring at start but the last paragraph is great. I recommend to read it first then start over :)
The black-box idea for data processing is great. Too much of our systems (i mean piece of code) aren’t isolated from others, and it’s sometimes hard to fix issues and imagine the complex situations we’ll get into.
Indeed, programmer’s job is about data manipulation : storage, computation, presentation. The three types of data make sense.
In the end, your post is about modularity/encapsulation. this is a very important design principle : separation of concerns.

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