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Programming languages

The JavaScript World Domination

Classp: a “classier” way to parse

Conception & Team work

The Idiot Line

Valuing the clarity of code

Code As Documentation - Martin Fowler

“it’s important that programmers put in the effort to make sure that this code is clear and readable”

YES! And that is important because It’s harder to read code than to write it.
Also worth the read:

Browser security

Even more unwanted software protection via the Safe Browsing API - Google Online Security Blog

Cloud & Auto-Replication

Cross-Region Replication for Amazon S3

FTS (Full-Text Search)

Machine Learning: Full-Text Search in Javascript (Part 1: Relevance Scoring)
Good article about algorithm Okapi BM25 used by ElasticSearch. The author took the time to write a good introduction, then explains with good examples the inner working of the TF-IDF algorithm, which lead to the Okapi BM25 algorithm. Nothing too complicated and the concepts are nicely introduced one after the other. Then, there is a well commented javascript implementation with a demo, cool!

Firefly – Instant, Full-Text Search Engine for Dropbox (Part 1)
A new serie on the Dropbox Tech Blog!
Dropbox developers present their FTS engine with a very clear explanation of the challenges. They have to leverage the power of sharding and results combination to process a search with a decent latency. In order to make the system work at the DropBox scale, they choose to develop a system from scratch rather than using existing tools like Solr or ElasticSearch.
Most amazing fact is that Firefly was built by a very small team: 3 guys, wow!