Feed #2

Complexity is the Excuse

“When I speak to people about how it is possible to continuously deliver customer value with near zero issues, I usually get laughed at.”

“Complexity exists when we are not able to prioritise the value to deliver (we don’t know what we really want).”

“Complexity exist when we are not able to understand and describe the system we are building.”

“TL;DR: stop blaming complexity when you don’t understand what you are building.”

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Applying S.T.O.P. To Software Development

“For many of us who consider ourselves software developers, programmers, or even software engineers, it can be difficult to ignore the impulse to jump right in and write some code. This is especially true when we’re young and relatively inexperienced with the costs associated with that approach. These costs can include bad (no) overall design and spaghetti code. Code written with this approach often suffers from “stream of consciousness programming” syndrome…”

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