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Putting comments in code: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

How to Perform Effective Team Code Reviews

A Pair is Better Than One

When was the Last Time you Talked to Your Customers?

Vision & Innovation

Ants and Aliens - Why you need a thirty-year plan (yes, thirty)

MVP and MMF and MRF, Oh My!

The Garage Architecture

This Wonderfully Absurd Museum Features Only Failures (Here’s Why That’s Brilliant)


What Does a CTO Do?

Why I Stopped Using Multiple Monitors

What United Can Teach Us About Building Systems

The AI revolution is making game characters move more realistically:

Code decay

Why don’t developers water the plants?

Code Rot - It’s a Thing

How to conquer legacy code

Rock Stars vs. Builders vs. Janitors: There’s a Better Way:

“Don’t punish your ops team for your dev team’s SHITTY CODE”


Scrum does not work here in Asia

Mastering the Art of Actively Doing Nothing


How To Clean Up Your JavaScript Build With Tree Shaking

Facebook’s Prepack — The Next Killer In The JavaScript Zone


Paris Metro Map – The Redesign - incredible work!

Paris Map by Constantinе Konovalov


DZone’s Guide to Performance: Optimization and Monitoring

PostgreSQL Indexes

Understanding Speed Index

Google Chrome

Chrome 58 - Once again lots of Security Fixes and Rewards

Getting Started with Headless Chrome

What’s New In DevTools (Chrome 59) - CSS and JS code coverage

Launching Ignition and TurboFan