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Layered Architecture Is Good

Clean Architecture Is Screaming


Apple, Google, And The CIA - F-Secure Lab

FDA one of many ‘toothless dragons’ with no will to tackle medical device security

Security Testing Tools You Need To Know About

HTTPS laggard complains when Firefox warns of insecure login page (Hilarity Ensues)

Here’s how I verify data breaches

have i been pwned? <- must see!

Product life cycle

Why you should kill your cash cow

“The only path then, to build a lasting tech company, lies in successfully making the jump from one S-curve to another.”

“If you don’t follow the curve, you’re doomed.”

Great follow-up: How to Get Stakeholders to Buy Into User Research


QA in Agile teams: It’s something you do, not something you have done

Secrets of Maintainable Codebases

How to Avoid Messy Code

The One Thing Every Company Can Do to Reduce Technical Debt

So, You’ve Inherited a Legacy Codebase


These are the best books Bill Gates read in 2016

Kent Beck : “I get paid for code that works, not for tests”

Google’s featured snippets are worse than fake news