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The People’s Code - whitehouse.gov

Great Products Don’t Happen By Accident

Creating Your Code Review Checklist


The Hidden Truths in ES6 Classes

A weird bug with V8:
JS object optimization bug in Chrome 52
Got the same kind of behavior in the DevTools debugger with closures: variable seems undefined because of internal optimizations…

Flash and Chrome - Chrome Blog


Moral Machine

Keyless systems of many VW Group cars can be hacked: researchers


100 Days Into Uber Engineering’s Public Bug Bounty Program

4 Flaws hit HTTP/2 Protocol that could allow Hackers to Disrupt Servers

This is strictly a violation of the TCP specification - CloudFlare blog


The Great Debate: Code Coverage on Legacy Apps

“Agreed that progress on legacy systems slow down until you want to throw it away”

Unit Testing Legacy Code: 3 Reasons to Reconsider

“But really, what should I do?”

“Take all that money you would have spent going back into the code and laboring away to get unit testing working and code coverage up, and spend that money on a new, replacement system, one that emulates and improves your current system.”