Software Testing Ice-cream Cone

What not to do:

What we should do:

Implementing Continuous Delivery
See Part 4: Automated Testing

Inverting The Testing Pyramid [SlideShare] > [Article]

The article is more complete:

“most teams struggle automating their end-to-end tests early on, which results in huge amount of time spent in manual regression testing”

“Number of end-to-end tests required to get a good coverage is much higher and more complex than the number of unit tests + selected end-to-end tests required”
70 end-to-end tests
61 unit tests + 8 end-to-end tests

“Maintain a large number of end-to-end tests is quite a nightmare for teams.”

Interesting analogy:

“Imagine, an automobile company building an automobile without testing/checking the bolts, nuts all the way up to the engine, transmission, breaks, etc. And then just assembling the whole thing somehow and asking you to drive it. Would you test drive that automobile?”

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